Juliana Garcia Bello (1989 Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina).

Fashion designer, graduated from the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, of the University of Buenos Aires (2017/2014 – FADU/UBA)
Her university thesis was selected for the “Semillero UBA” and “Ciudad Emergente 2013”.
She completed a Postgraduate in Sports Clothing, School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, of the University of Buenos Aires. (2016/2018 – FADU; UBA) .
His university has awarded him several student recognitions.

She studied contemporary jewelry at the “Taller Eloi” school with Jimena Ríos (Argentina) / Habitar and Agonía collection.
She participated in PROYECTO 8 with Francisca Kweitel (Argentina) / Cascote abandonado art work.
Rodrigo Acosta (Spain), Gemma Draper (Spain), Pilar Cotter (Spain), Diana Aisenberg (Argentina), Teresa Estapé (Spain) and Margarita Garcia Faure (Argentina).

Participated in exhibitions at MARQ, MALBA, Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Palais de Glace, Areatec, PROA, Museo Decorativo, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Ambos Mundos, Virla (Argentina). Almacén Suyo (Colombia). Entre Nous Galerie D’Art (USA). Somerset House (England). THE FOREST (Hong Kong). Fashion For Good (Nederland).

Selected by INTI Trends Observatory, Design Map, Buenos Aires Fashion Week (Argentina – 2013).

She was co-founder of Chain_GarciaBello project of clothes (2014/2016). Two consecutive finalists of the “Pasarela BA” contest in Buenos Aires Fashion Week ( REZUMA SECO SS16 / CÁLIDO AW16 ); finalists of “Fashion Edition BA” organized by Mercedez Benz BAFWEEK (DECONSTRUCCIÓN AW15); finalists of the “International Fashion Show Case 2016”, British Council, at London Fashion Week. Research work for CONICET in ¨ Interlinked bridges between scientists and designers¨.

She was a university professor of the Buenos Aires University, cathedra: Fiorini (2015) and Saltzman (2016/2017). She is currently Head of Practical Works of the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa UADE (2017 / present) and Austral University (2020).

In 2018 he developed an “Upcycling Pattern” workshop, in the city of La Plata.
She coordinated a workshop called “Investir” at La casa de la Margen Sur (Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego., Argentina).

She was selected by Fashion Artefact MA, London College of Fashion and Observatorio de Tendencias INTI, to work with Daniel Ramos Obregón, exhibition WHY WHAT WHO at Museo de Arte Decorativo (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

In 2017 founded GARCIABELLO.
Finalist at “Autores de ModaBA 2019” Buenos Aires Fashion Week (DORA DUBA AW19).
She managed and participated, the first Río Grande Fashion Week at Tierra del Fuego 2019, Argentina; coordinated by the Municipality of Río Grande.
She was selected for the Patagonian meeting MICSUR 2018 of the Cultural Industries MICA (Bariloche, Argentina) and participated in Seres Sustentables, at Perchero Federal, MICA 2019.
Finalist at Festival Fashion Clash, Maastricht, NL (CAMPO SS19); Winner of Fashion Makes Sense Award 2019, NL. Selected by NJAL, to TRANOI Paris Fashion Week (Jan.2020). Winner of Redress Design Award 2020, Hong Kong (Sep 2020).