Awards and Honors

Finalist: DAE Exponential Argentine Design Creative Bootcamp by the Bunge and Born Foundation and the British Council, AR

Accelerator program: "Spread the upcycling methods", WORTH II by the European Commission, EU

Accelerator program: "Spread the upcycling methods", CirCoAX Circular InnoBooster, EU
Argentine Creative Award 2022 by the Argentine Circle of Creativity, AR

Recognition of the Centennial Woman "Virginia Choquintel, Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, AR

"Heritage" collection winner of the Women's Collection at Redress Design Award 2020, HK
Digital upcycling award with TAL and Browzwear, HK

"Dora Duba" collection winner at BA Fashion Authors, Buenos Aires Fashion Week, AR
"Dora Duba" collection winner at Fashion Makes Sense Award, NL
Declaration of cultural interest "Fashion Week" by the Deliberative Council of Río Grande, AR


"Spread the upcycling methods", Milan Design Week, IT

"The beauty of everyday life" Biennial of Jewelry, Melting Point Valencia, ES
"From the sky to home" MALBA Museum, Buenos Aires, AR
"Between Borders" Arnhem Museum, NL
The R Collective x Juliana, Redress Design Award, HK

Walk in the Wardrobe / STOF, Biennial 2022 Arnhem, NL
Waardevol / FDFA in Museum of Arnhem, NL
Creative Experiences, Argentine Embassy, London Design Week, UK

"Inheritage" collection at Redress Design Award at Fashion For Good, NL
New Fashion Narratives, Fashion Clash, NL "Encounter" fashion film, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, RU
García Bello + Natura, BAFWEEK (Buenos Aires Fashion Week), AR
García Bello at Fashion open studio COPx26, Fashion Revolution, UK
"Home" collection at The Hague Fashion Week, NL
"Causes" Fashion, design and art against the current, AR

Tranoi x NJAL, Paris Fashion Week, FR
RA+3D: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia, Global Talent, RU
Redress Design Award 2020, The forest, 17 Nelson Street, HK
"Essential" collection 7th Digital Edition DAB, BO

"Dialogue" at Panorama Store, Buenos Aires, AR
"Dora Duba" collection, Río Grande Fashion Week, Tierra del Fuego, AR
"Land" collection, Fashionclash SS20 Festival, Maastricht, NL


Repair and reconstruction methods. State of Fashion, Arnhem, NL
Take time to repair garments. Jewelry School Taller Eloi, AR

Supra Tutorials: bias band / upcycled poncho. Fashion Revolution Week, AR
Upcycle poncho. Fashion Open Studio at Victoria & Albert Museum, UK

Customized garment with patch, Global digital Talent, MBFW, RU

"Confer" textile intervened from collective embroidery. Tierra del Fuego, AR

Presentations and Talks

Circular Sustainable Fashion Week, Madrid, ES
CircoAx30 Changemakers for regeneratives textiles, Euro Week of region and Cities, EU
Garments with history, Fueguino Art Museum, Tierra del Fuego, AR

Latin American Forum of Supra Recyclers, LATAM
The Redress Design Award Pathway Course, Sourcing and manufacturing, HK
Fashion Futurum, Russia Fashion Council, RU
Markers: Sustainability, Buenos Aires Fashion Week, AR

MICA Patagonia, Argentine Cultural Industry Market, Bariloche, AR