Explore artisan techniques to repair and rejuvenate garments in our textile and clothing workshops. Led by Juliana Garcia Bello, these workshops offer hands-on experience in upcycling and sustainability within the fashion industry.
Join us to explore the world of textile repair and upcycling, where you'll dive into hands-on learning experiences guided by experts. Discover innovative techniques to breathe new life into old garments while enjoying personalized attention in small group settings. Through these workshops, you'll not only learn practical skills but also gain insights into the importance of sustainability and circular economy principles in the fashion industry. Get ready to embark on a creative journey where you'll transform your understanding of fashion and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Upcoming and Previous Workshops:

Repair using a Blanket Stitch
Learn the traditional technique of blanket stitching to mend, reinforce garments, and add patches.
- Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Global Digital Talent, RU 2020 
- Museo de Arte Fueguino, AR 2021
- Biennale Stale of Fashion, NL 2022
- Escuela de Joyeria Taller Eloi, AR 2023

Recycle Your Own Poncho
Transform old blanket textiles into a functional poncho, perfect for staying cozy during the colder seasons.
- Fashion Revolution, UK 2021

Make a Bias Band Reusing Old Textiles
Explore the versatility of bias bands and create your own using textile scraps.
- Fashion Revolution, UK 2021

Regenerate Two Shirts into a Poncho
Combine two shirts to create a unique and modern poncho design, ideal for everyday wear
- Biennale State of Fashion, NL 2022

A workshop for gathering to embroider and contemplate words as collective poetry, uncovering the life of textiles 
- Casa Margen Sur, Tierra del Fuego, AR 2019

This garment is connected to my story
Explore into historical archives to understand our territory and the beginning of upcycling and build a deeper connection with cherished garments.
- COP26 Glasgow, SC 2021
- Arte Textil, Museo Fueguino de Arte, AR 2022

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Re-birth two shirts into a poncho by GARCIA_BELLO / State of Fashion 2022,  Netherlands

Customize and repair garment by GARCIA_BELLO / State of Fashion 2022, Netherlands