GARCIA BELLO is a fashion brand based on upcycling methods. Its mission is to create handmade, high-quality, and timeless clothing while giving value to what already exists and is not in use. Inspired by the spirit of the Argentinian Patagonia, its designs are simple, straightforward, and suitable for everyday wear. The brand believes in telling stories through its creations, narratives that speak of home as land and shelter.


GARCIA BELLO was founded in 2017 by Juliana Garcia Bello, an Argentinean Clothes & Fiber Designer graduated from FADU, Universidad de Buenos Aires. Juliana's background as an artist fuels her passion for creating emotionally evocative artworks that offer individuals unique perspectives on the world. With a fervent dedication to experimentation, she explores various textile techniques and materials, constantly seeking novel modes of expression. Beyond her artistic endeavors, Juliana is deeply committed to championing sustainability and the principles of a circular economy within the fashion and art industries. Motivated by this commitment, she established GARCIA BELLO as her own enterprise with the explicit purpose of promoting eco-conscious practices. Her relentless drive to advance the culture and art of her homeland has led her to showcase her works in prestigious galleries and museums across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.


Based in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, an island at the southern tip of Argentina. From the studio, the brand continues to design and produce its collections, drawing inspiration from the rugged beauty of its surroundings.

Our Approach

The brand is committed to sustainable fashion practices. Through upcycling methods, it gives new life to materials that would otherwise go to waste. The brand strives to minimize its environmental footprint while creating beautiful, eco-conscious clothing.


Garments are handmade using reconstruction methods, leveraging unused materials and textiles to generate unique products of superior quality. The brand employs two types of zero waste pattern-making techniques, both standardized and utilizing fabric rolls or remnants, allowing for the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces.

Community Engagement

Part of the brand's raw materials comes from donations of unused clothing from the local community. It engages with neighbors through various communication channels such as posters and social media to collect these donations, sorting and preparing them for reconstruction. The brand utilizes shirts, jeans, tablecloths, and fabric leftovers to breathe new life into discarded textiles.

Handmade Details

The brand works simply, with handmade details crafted with care, on a human scale, and in small quantities. These decisions contribute to creating durable, low-impact, comfortable, and timeless pieces. A beautiful product is one made with love and attention to detail.

Labels and Emotional Connection

Each garment features an outer label detailing its production, including a unique article number, the year of manufacture, and care instructions to extend its lifespan. These labels are handcrafted from discarded textiles. The brand believes in the value of each garment and the importance of extending the lifespan of objects. It seeks to highlight the intangible connection between people and their clothing, believing that when a story is built around a garment, it becomes enduring.

What's Next?

As the brand continues to grow and evolve, it is excited to explore new avenues of creativity and sustainability. Stay tuned for upcoming collections, events, and partnerships as it journeys forward.